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Product Details

Tricone Bit

Color: Orange, Red, Black, Yellow, Gold
Origine: China
Diameter: 6 1/4" to 12 1/4"
Thread Model: API 3 1/2", 4 1/2", 6 5/8"  REG
Insert Button Shape: spherical, ballistic
Packaging: Ply-wood box
Delivery Time: 20-30days
Sample Order: Yes
OEM Service: Yes

Tricone Bit, or called Roller Bit, is a most widely used rotary drilling tool for water well drilling and mining, and HDD (horizontal directional drilling) drilling tool. The cutting teeth alternately touch the bottom of the well when the cone bit is working, the rock-breaking torque is small, the contact area between the cutting teeth and the bottom of the well is small, the pressure is higher, and it is easy to enter the stratum.The total length of the working blade is large, thus reducing the wear. It is suitable for varies formations from soft rock to rather hard rock.

(1) Cutting Structure of this series tricone rock bit :

The durability of premium tungsten carbide inserts is improved with new formulas and new techniques for insert bit.The wear-resistance of teeth is enhanced with premium tungsten carbide hardfacing on the tooth surfaces for steel tooth bit.

(2) Gauge Structure of this series tricone rock bit :

Multiple gauge protection with gauge trimmers on heel and gauge inserts on the gauge surface of the cone, tungsten carbide inserts and hardfacing on the shirttail increases gauge holding capability and bearing life.

(3)Bearing Structure of this series tricone rock bit :

High precision bearing with two thrust faces. Balls lock the cone.Hardface heard bearing surface. Cone bearing inlaid with friction-reducing alloy and then silver-plated. Abrasion resistance and seizure resistance of the bearing are improved and suitable for high rotary speed.

(4)Seal and Lubrication of this series tricone rock bit :

The advanced metal seal package consists of two metal seats and two elastic energizers. Compressed energizers ensure good contact being kept on two sealing surfaces of metal rings by elastic force, and achieve the bearing seal. In the drilling, metal seal are relatively dynamic, and the energizers are static. This will improve the reliability and durability of bearing seal. The pressure compensator system and advanced grease can greatly increase the lubricating reliability.

Main product

(1) IADC code: 417 427 437 517 527 537 617 627 637 737 837 832 415 425 435 445 525 625 635 416 427 436 446 447 516 526   537 547 516 536   535, etc...

(2) Sizes:   From 6 1/4" to 12 1/4"

(3)bearing type: sealed bearing and non-sealed bearing

(4)formation or layer: soft ,medium soft ,hard,medium hard,very hard formation


IADC   WOBRPMApplication
437/447/4350.35-0.9240-70very   soft formations with low compressive strength and high drill ability, like   clay, mudstone, chalk, gypsum, salt, soft limestone
517/527/5150.35-1.0220-60soft   formations with low compressive strength and high drill ability, like   mudstone, gypsum, salt, soft limestone
537/547/5350.45-1.0220-50soft   to medium formations with low compressive strength, like medium, soft shake,   medium soft limestone, medium soft sandstone, medium formation with harder   and abrasive interbeds
617/6150.45-1.1200-50medium   hard formation with high compressive strength, like hard shale, limestone,   sandstone, dolomite
637/6350.5-1.1180-40hard   formation with high compressive strength, like limestone, sandstone,   dolomite, hard gypsum, marble
Note: Above limitts of WOB and RRPM should not be used   simultaneously

Thread Pin:

Bit DiameterAPI PIN
6 1/4"~6   3/4"159~1713 1/2"
7 1/2"~9   1/2"190.5~2414 1/2"
9   5/8"~12 1/4"245~3116 5/8"

How to read IADC:

IADC CODE explanation.jpg