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Product Details

Pushing Air Bag

Color: yellow, orange
Origine: China
Packaging: carton
Delivery Time: 5-7days
Sample Order: Yes
OEM Service: Yes

Quarry block pushing air bag is used to separate the marble, granite, stones (rock mass) block from the basic rock achieving a maximum opening of 45-120cm at the top. The air bag can separate the block (rock mass) which is having all side wire saw cut faces. The standard configuration set contains two air bags, with one set of air hose & air control panel.

Our air pushing bag is manufactured with high-tech materials and processed by special techniques, no frequent problem happened in split and damage.

Owe to its high-efficiency, reusable, economical and capable to separate, even overturn the blocks easily, tidily and without damage, Sansung pushing air bag is displacing the traditional equipments like hydraulic jack and hydro-bag in quarries of marble, granite, limestone and so on, no matter blocks cutting by wire saw, blade saw or chain saw.

We always keep innovating and improving to be the leader of pushing air bag products. Our unique design and advanced tachnique make it easier to put the air bags into the gap after diamond wire saw cutting.

Through our experiment and co-operation with hundreds of quarries all over the world, bringing in Italian advanced production euiqpments and super level raw material, especially adopting our new technology, Sansung made pushing air bag has got big progress on the quality. With same thickness less than 8mm, but more powerful and safe in long term use.

Size(mm)Power (ton)Pushing   DistanceNet Weight(kg)
Control Panelair   pressure 0-6bar4