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Product Details

Mucking Loader

Origine: China
Packaging: naked
Delivery Time: 10-15days
OEM Service: Yes

Electric&Diesel Wheel Mucking Loader with Hdraulic Breaker

example: ZWY-80/18.5T(for ≥2.5*2.5M tunnel)

1.Standard configuration:

four-wheel drive,


pneumatic tire,

electric roller

2.High configuration:

Solid tyre

Hydraulic roller

18.5KW electric motor

War industry double pump

Install break

Install buffer device

Electrical starting diesel motor

Series ZWY mining mucking loader (commonly known as the slag machine) using an external power supply or captive diesel engine-powered, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical transmission, mining and transport function perfectly in order to achieve continuous mining, transportation, loading, loading smooth flexible operation,and does not spill material, continuous and efficient features. Used to replace manual operations will the various slag stone Grilled after blasting onto the transport vehicle, greatly improved production efficiency, and effective in reducing accident casualties. ZWY series backhoe loaders for new roadway construction the ballast loading equipment, mainly applicable to the acquisition loading of aggregates by coal, phosphate, iron ore, copper, gold mining and railway, highway, water conservancy, national defense tunnel project also be used for open-air scattered and fragmentary material loading operations.

Product Application

Mucking loader is also called excavating loader, integrates multiple functions including excavation, conveying, loading,running, Because of its high working efficiency, strong ability to adapt the space, less polluting to the air inside of the tunnel, it becomes a very important mechanical equipment in tunnel construction. Wheeled slag machine wide range (from left to right range of up to 4.5 meters, up to 2.8 meters on the ground, the ground up to 0.8 meters) ,It can be full-face loading of gravel, leaving no dead ends, do not need to manually clean-up Site, you can also digging on both sides of the roadway ditch.

Main Features

1) Load sensing hydraulic priority to, stable and reliable,energy conservation and significant.

2) Durable, each gear ratio reasonable matching, reduce the power consumption.

3) Simple structure and reliable performance.

4) Semi-enclosed assembling, easy to maintain.

5) Reduce the power consumption.

6) Equip with hydraulic breaker, giving higher efficiency and much lower cost.

Main functions

Mucking loader using electric hydraulic control system, containfive functions are hydraulic walking, mining acquisition, transportation,loading and bottom clearing. Ourmucking loader has dual drive device,electrical installation and diesel Installation. When it works in the mine,please use electric power, for the electric power is more environmental and safe. When it works out of the mine, Hydraulic oil tank can storage oil for along continuous work.

Model and Specifications

Loading capacity m³/h8080606050
Total mass    kg3570±5%3610±5%3000±5%3050±5%2450±5%
The shaft (axle) Pitch mm15801580155015501200
Rail (wheel) distance mm14701470130013001100
Minimum turning radiusm55555
Ground clearance   mm190190180180180
Mining width   mm33103310320032002400
Loading depth   mm16201620110011001280
Dig distance   mm14301430132013201300
Mining height   mm22002200174017401600
Unloading height   mm15001500120012001100
Digging depth   mm630630290290210
Gradeability   (°)88888
Conveyor speedm/s0.8±5%0.8±5%0.8±5%0.8±5%0.8±5%
Scraper chain speedm/s-----
Total motor power kW1518.51518.514
Main motor power kW1118.51118.511
Electric drum power kW4-4-3
Fan power    kW-----
Moving speed   m/s0.65/0.390.65/0.390.81/0.350.81/0.350.55±5%
Track ground pressure MPa-----
Rated working pressureMPa1212121212
Safety valve opening pressure MPa12.512.512.512.512.5
Shape Sizelength   mm6500±506500±505400±505400±505000±50
width mm1730±501730±501530±501530±501500±50
height mm1750±501750±501620±501620±501450±50
Applicable cross-section m22.2*2.22.2*2.22.0*2.02.0*2.01.8*1.8