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Product Details

Back Hammer

Origine: China
Diameter: 3"~12"
Thread Model: API 3 1/2" REG
Packaging: Ply-wood box
Delivery Time: 15-20DAYS
Sample Order: Yes
OEM Service: Yes
Model: BH140 BH160 BH190

In case of jamming of any drilling tool in the boring process, the backhammer will help you sace the time and money.

The backhammer may be mounted on the drill pipe joint between the borehole gripper and the swivel head, thus creating a combined effect of effective reverse impact and vibration.

Sturdy and reliable, the backhammer is composed of three components and a plastic housing which acts both as an exhaust emissions guider and a muffler. With regards to the maintenance, it is only necessary to keep it clean and the linking section well protected when the backhammer is not in use.