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Surface Tophammer Drill Rigs and Drilling Tools

Issuing time:2021-07-09 15:30

1. The concept and application of surface tophammer drill rigs

Surface hydraulic tophammer drill rigs referred to as surface tophammer drill rigs are assembled with hydraulic drifters on top drill rods for surface drilling by impact and rotation. The surface tophammer drill rigs are mainly used in hard and medium hard rock for drilling holes of common diameters of 28 to 127mm, which biggest diameter is up to 152mm. The surface tophammer drill rigs are not best choice for holes of 127 to 152mm, but DTH drill rigs are first choice instead.

The surface tophammer drill rigs could be used for production in small and medium surface mines, for auxiliary operations of slope treatment, secondary breakup and toe elimination in large surface mines, and for drilling operations in quarry, railways, highways, hydropower, non-metallic mines, construction, stone excavation, etc.

2. Factories and models of domestic surface tophammer drill rigs

Statistics of factories and models of domestic hydraulic tophammer drill rigs

1) KL511 from Zhejiang Kaishan Heavy Industry

2) HZ900A、HZCLY115, HZCLY115A, HZ- CLY115B, HZCLY115C and HZCLY115D from Hunan Hengzhi Drilling Technique

3) ZGYX-510, ZGYX-520、ZGYX -650 and ZGYX-660 from Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery

4) H6 and HCL7 from Hongwuhuan Group  

5) SWDH89- 1 and SWDH89A from Sunward Group

6) ZCLH10OC, ZCLL115 and ZCLL127 from Zhongnan Equipment

7) OTD9O,OTD115 and OTD115D from Osaint Heavy Industry

8) T9089 from Hunan Yongzhou Xindongsen Machinery

3. Overseas surface hydraulic tophammer drill rigs

The latest technical development of overseas hydraulic tophammer surface drill rigs is to introduce computer intelligent control in operations. The drill rigs can automatically adjust the impact pressure, rotation pressure and feeding pressure according to rock conditions such as hardness, cracks, cavities, etc. The so-called automatic drilling control system for rock induction is applied to avoid stuck, improve the service life and efficiency of the drilling tools, and constantly care working environment, safety, environmental protection and comfort.

The main overseas models of drill rigs include the following:

1) DP1500i heavy-duty drill rig from Sandvik,

2) DX800 and DG800 medium drill rig from Sandvik,

3) DC125R small drill rig from Sandvik,

4) SmartROC T45, PowerROC T50 and FlexiROC T45 heavy-duty surface drill rigs from Epiroc,

5) Abelto FlexiROC T35R, PowerROC T35 and SmartROC T35 medium surface drill rigs from Epiroc, FlexiROC T25R small surface drill rig from Epiroc

6) HCR910-DS, HCR1200-DSIII, HCR1200-EDII and HCR1500-EDII surface tophammer drill rigs from Furukawa Japan.

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