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Diamond Wire Saw 
Origine: China
Packaging: Ply-wood box
Delivery Time: 20-30days
Sample Order: Yes
OEM Service: Yes
Model: 37KW,45KW,55KW,75KW

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Diamond Wire Saw, is an ideal solution in Marble and Granite Quarry. It is now more and more popular in all quarry sites.

Compare with traditional technics of quarry operation by flame cutting, the advantage of diamond wire saw are as below:

1.Low Cost

the cost of cutting marble and granite is only 10% to 40% of the cost by flame cutting.

2.High Efficiency

the depth of cutting can reach to 10-20M using diamond wire saw, but the flame cutting is within 10M.

High Speed: when cutting granite, the efficiency can reach to 1.5-10 m2/h, when cutting marble, the speed can reach to 8-25 m2/h. But the flame cutting is only 1 m2/h.

3.Widely Application

the diamond wire saw can suit to all kinds of quarry, even the hardness or the crack stones. The wire saw can be used in mayble, limestone, sandstone and granite quarry. The wire saw can apply horizontal, vertical, inclined and other direction cutting in quarry. But the flame cutting only suit to the stone which full of quartz and little crack granite quarry. Dynamite or drilling can not solve the problem of bad crack status quarry operation.

4. High Block Output with low cost

Diamond wire saw can exploit large specification and regular block, the cutting face is smooth and less hurt to the block, cutting gap is small which save waste on stone material.

5.Safe and Less Polution

During using the diamond wire saw, there is few dust and low noise. With high automatical operation it assure safety and improve working comfort condition.


The wire tension and cutting current is closed loop automatic controlled by PLC and inverter.

The cutting process can be automatical controlled accurately.

The movement and rotation of the cutting head is driven by motor with position Limitation Protection.

Machine protection functions including:wire broken,Machine overload,cutting finished,and others malfunction happened.

Display an saving with digitization:the value of cutting current,linear speed and moving speed indicated on the panel,and the cutting time can be saved.

The machine without phase request.It is needn't to change and distinguish

Models and Specifications

Driving   Power30kw/40hp37kw/50hp45kw/60hp55kw/75hp75kw/100hp
Diameter of   Flywheel800mm
Wire Saw Speed0-30m/s
Length of Wire20-50m20-60m20-80m20-100m20-120m
Feeding Power0.75kw/1hp1.5kw/2hp
Lateral moving distance
     (electric driving)
Max. lateral cutting distance1560mm1700mm1900mm2050mm
Rotation Angle   (electric driving)360°
Moving speed of   Machine0-60m/h0-90m/h
Length of Rail2mx3+1m
Power (AC V/HZ)same as your local standard
Allowable Working
Net Weight~2.6T~2.8T~3.0T~3.5T~4.3T
Dimension: L*W*H   (mm)2250*1430*13502320*1460*14502350*1460*14502500*1600*15302550*1680*1570

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