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Product Details

5" DTH Bit

Color: Orange, Gold, Blue, Red, Yellow
Origine: China
Diameter: 130-156MM
Insert Button Shape: Spherical, ballistic, parabolic
Bit Faces: flat face, concave, convex
Packaging: carton
Delivery Time: 20-30 days
Sample Order: Yes
OEM Service: Yes
Model: HD55,DHD350,COP54,M50,SD5,QL50

Sansung company makes and supplies the finest and most efficient Down-the-Hole (DTH) hammers and bits for the mining, construction and water well industries.

Drill and blast engineers and water well contractors trust Sansung's DTH equipment because of the precision engineering and high standards of drilling efficiency built into each of our hammers and bits.

Features of Sansung made DTH(down the hole) hammer bit:

(1) Made from premium quality nickel-alloy steel 25SiMnCrNi2MoVA for increased durability and wear characteristics, and YK 05 tungsten carbide which is same grade as internationally well-known brand.

(2) Apply "hot (thermal) -insertion" processing procedure to insert the buttons as same as internationally well-known brand,

(4) Entire CNC processing procedure ensure the quality consistency and reliable.

(5) Military grade requirements of heat-treatment guarantee durability, specific heat treatment standards and special “stress relief” processes ensure consistent performance.

(6) Designed for maximum performance and hole cleaning ability and high penetration rate.

DHD350.jpg DHD350R, Cop54

M50.jpg M50

SD5.jpg SD5

QL50.jpg QL50

DiameterNo.*button   dia. (mm)No.*dia. (mm)weight
mminchgauge buttonsfront buttonsflushing hole
1305 1/87*Φ167*Φ142*Φ2015
1355 1/47*Φ187*Φ142*Φ2015.5
1405 1/28*Φ168*Φ152*Φ2016
1465 3/48*Φ188*Φ152*Φ2016.5
1505 7/88*Φ188*Φ152*Φ2017.2
1566 1/88*Φ188*Φ162*Φ2018.2