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Product Details
Hydraulic Splitter 
Origine: China
Diameter: 36-48MM
Packaging: Ply-wood box
Delivery Time: 10-15days
Sample Order: Yes
OEM Service: Yes

The hydraulic Rock & Concrete splitter is our newly developed Product which is a powerful and extremely cost-effective alternativeto other conventional demolition techniques. It functions according to theproven wedge principle where by a strong force is applied in an extremely constricted space.

Rock and concrete put up considerable resistance to forces applied externally. By comparison the resistance of rock and concrete to force applied internally is 90% less, with the result that they disintegrate relatively easily.

The hydraulic rock & concrete splitter is the most suitable tool for demolition It has many advantages: small cubage, light, easy to operate, high efficiency etc. Now it is widely used in stone quarry, mineral mining and capital construction. It is also an indispensable tool in clearing the barrier in city construction, river dredging, salvation etc.

Hydraulic Power Station Specifications

Technical data of Diesel engine

Power   modeloverall sizemm)WeightkgOil pumping   station reservesLEngine   PowerWorking pressureMPafluxL/mTowable of   splitter quantitypc
Diesel engine1150*1180*940260405.15KW55-602-131-10
Technical data of Gasoline engine

Power   modeloverall sizemm)WeightkgOil pumping   station reservesLEngine powerWorking pressureMPaFluxL/m Towable of   splitter quantitypc
Gasoline model1200*1170*800100407.5HP55-602-131-10
Technical data of electric engine

Power   modeloverall sizemm)WeightOil pumping station   reserves (L)Engine powerWorking pressureMPaFluxTowable of splitter   quantitypc
Electric motor

Technical data of pneumatic model

Power   modeloverall sizemm)WeightOil pumping   station reserves (L)rotating   speed(r.p.m)Rated power(kw)Oil fluxL/m Working pressureMPa Towable of   splitter quantitypc
Air motor384*280*62070kg3020004.102-1355-601-10

Hydraulic Splitter Cylinder Secifications

Modelbore diameter   required
cylinder bore   diameter
length of splitter plug   and feathers
Min. bore depth   required
Splitting distance
Splitting time
Theory splitting   force
Actual splitting   force
Single cylinder   weight
BS38-40 A38-4080150300103551250028023
BS38-40 B38-4080200/2504001040512650/600350/30025/26
BS44-46 A44-46100300/380600104051278055033
BS44-46 B44-46105300/380600104051288060033